Patriot Hills of New York Logo & Header



Mrs. Jeannine M. Mannarino, President and Visionaire

Mr. Mike Conway, Esq. General Counsel, Board Member

Mr. Dave Benamati, Co-Founder, Board Member

Ms. Jamilee Marino, non voting, Co-Founder, Purchasing

Mr. Don Leinfelder, Vice President and Executive Officer

Mr. Michael Mannarino, Executive Officer and Treasurer

(Open), Executive Secretary

Mr. Michael Burdick, Vice President

Ms. Christine Benedict, Board Member, Site Realtor



Collaboration and Partnership

Mr. Steve Prokrym, Keeplock Security Services



First Graduate Intern

Mrs. Christina Ilowiecki, SUNY Cobleskill, Bachelors of Science, Psychology Intern Program

First Eagle Scout

Mr. Matthew Murray

Special Advisors and Council

Brigadier General New York Army National Guard (ret) Ed Klein

Brigadier General (ret) Ferg Foley, New York Guard Commander

General George Leibner, Former General New York Guard

Mrs. Kathy Van Deloo, CEO ADG Communications

Mayor Joanne Yepson, Saratoga Springs, NY, Chair NYS Coalition for Women Veteran Issues

Mr. Peter Peduzzi, Peduzzi Associates Ltd

Ms Hady Finch, Friend of NYS Military History Museum and Retired Principle

Dr. Ed Tick, Soldiers Heart

Ms Kate Dahlsted, Soldier's Heart, Women and War training

Ms. Joan Bender, Retired Geriatric Nurse and CEO Colonial Village

Financial and Facility

Mr. Russ Melton, Pioneer Savings Bank (Author of Incorporation Papers)

Facility Advisors

Mr. Greg Louks, IronSword Enterprises

Mr. Kurt Bedore

Mr. Dan Adams

Mr. Barrry Shattoff, Hilton Inn, Chelsea, NYC

Mr. Ned Piper, Cowlitz PUD, Seattle Washington

Mr. Cliff McAuliffe, San Francisco, California

Event Planning Advisor

Mrs. Denise Sherman, Squared Away Events

Realtor and Facility Advisor

Mrs. Darlene Zeh, Hunt Realty and Giving4ward

Military Advisors

Mr. PJ Higgitt

Ms. Priscilla Burnah

Ms. Elizabeth Condon (Alumni Board Member)

Ms. Paula Gabris (Alumni 1st Ambassador, and Committee Member)

Mr. Robert Chen, New York National Guard

Mr. Claude Imagna, New York - Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States

Mr. Frank Yoakum, DC/Maryland - Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States

Mr. Dean Miller, Phoenix - Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States


Mr. Alvin Philips

Mr. Gerald Barr (Rest In Peace)

Ms. Carmen Kerber

 Mrs. Amanda Cooper

Leah R. Leonard (Rest In Peace)